Adalo got me where I needed to be but Farewell!

About 1 year and 3 months I’ve been apart of this community and found Adalo to help me make my website/ app idea! Since then there has been a lot of ups and downs. Adalo has potential and has the idea that can make it go big, as I’m sure that seed funding is proof of it!

As a small business owner and someone that doesn’t know a lick of code, this was a perfect idea to gather interest and attention in my Target group/niche. I spent a lot of time, both good and frustrating due to the limitations that Adalo had and has but this is a farewell! A good one at that. I launched my project on kickstarter and was successfully funded. During that time I also moved off to complete real code:

No-code has a place in this world but again I think that using my app & webapp here at Adalo as a prototype / MVP was the best thing that has happened. But the lack of SPEED and limitations and lack of certain features pushed me to real code.

I don’t regret my time here, it taught me a lot and again that MVP/prototype was what I needed to get off the ground. But this is farewell! I wish this community luck and I hope you all reach your goals. This community was very pleasant and I hope Adalo helps you just as it had helped me.

Have a good one!