Help, I need Stopwatch

I building something like quiz game app.

The goal of the game is to answer all the questions as quickly as possible. My idea is that the player on the screen sees the timer for how long he is playing and when he has entered the last correct answer the stopwatch stops.
It stops not when he presses the “stop timer” button, but when the last correct answer is entered.
The Adalo “Stopwach” component is unable to provide this.

Any suggestions?

Use one of the countdown timers??

I need to count the time forward, not backward. There is no time limit for the game. The one who answers faster wins.

Hmm, right, apologies, I obviously didn’t read your original post :grimacing:
There’s nothing baked into Adalo (not that I know of) which will do what you need.
I’m pretty sure there’s a custom component which’ll do it…but you’ll have to buy it.
There’s a countup component here:

$15 is not a huge amount if it does what you need…

Hi @Edmunds ,

You can build your own, here in an example.

I have updated the cloneable app to have this, but this is just for reference, only a guidance to that direction.

at the top, you can see stop, if you click it, it will be reset, click again start.

Hope that this will get you started.

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