Tips for using Custom Actions

Hey community,

I struggled to get Adalo custom actions working with Airtable for a while. The window kept crashing at random times as I was editing the options. I don’t know if that’s isolated to my version or not, but I found last night that several things helped:

  • Type slowly.
  • Don’t press backspace too fast. Do one backspace at a time.
  • Insert magic/dynamic text at the end of a line, not in the middle. Then add your subsequent text after the dynamic text is present.
  • If you copy-paste from API documentation or elsewhere, paste the text in the URL bar first to get rid of text formatting, and then you can paste it in the Custom Actions options.
  • JSON text should include everything starting at the curly brackets { }.

Successful options, screenshot #1:

Successful options, screenshot #2:


Thanks for submitting those tips @bgschust! I’m sure it will help many users.

It also seems we have some improvements to make on this UI and UX. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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If this version stays stable and works well enough for my app to get traction, I’m happy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys create with a new v2 version of the software, and I’d be glad to test it out once this one’s done. If you plan to offer beta testing for the updated version of Adalo, let me know. I’d be glad to try it out.

Hi Colin, unfortunately it’s no longer working today. It works on the test request but not in the actual app.

Ok! I figured out that you cannot leave fields blank if you include them in the JSON body. That might have been the issue. So a new custom action should be created for each operation rather than trying to use them across buttons for slightly different purposes.

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