New Components Ideas

Hey guys,

What new components do you think we should have in Adalo?

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I have an idea for one @njimmy10

A rectangle that can expand/shrink based on the contents of the text, like Facebook Messenger:

Maybe not a rectangle, but maybe just a simple text component with a background color, border rounding, and padding, so that way it’s easier to create.

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This expandable list

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Jimmy don’t think I’m hijacking your this great topic :smiley:Just posting a component that already made for the Eugen’s request!

Visual Dev Studio ( @knight ) created a component for this! And that’s my favorite component :heart:

Check the Demo : ( Paid tab > search for Accordion )


I have some components idea if someone have the coding knowledges :wink:

  • Direct access to camera (like snapchat)
  • Customizable horizontal list ( option to make any Group list to horizontal list )
  • Text with conditionnal option ( 2 text in one, show the correct text conditionnaly )
  • Better PDF Viewer
  • Playlist for music player
  • Video swiper like Tiktok

This component is already available, a video recorder camera in-app and upload the video.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. it’s because of the way of adalo work, developers cannot give the ability to do that (huge limitation) what we can do is if you have a specific horizontal list design, we can design it, but grouping and listing horizontaly NO.

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@dilon_perera @njimmy10 Thank you everyone for your comments :slight_smile: I will se for the recorder camera in-app

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The Camera control Component is available for both photo & video. I’m using it on Android and works great. Plus, unlike Adalo support which replies after weeks, this component’s developer reacts to your emails as fast as Chat.

Totally agree.

QR code scanner that works for PWAs. I have one app that will only be used as a PWA and right now my only option is to buy the component from Pragmaflow. It’s a great component, but I’d really like to see one native to Adalo.

Also, I believe the Adalo QR scanner only works with the front camera. It really needs to work with the rear camera.

Better text formatting options (line/paragraph breaks. bold, italic, etc). I realize there are HTML and Markdown text components available, but I’d like to see basic formatting options built into the Adalo text component.

Better alignment control for screen elements. Right now it’s a total eyeball guessing game.

Better stacking control (bring element forward, send element backward). This includes elements within groups. Right now it’s a bit of a pain.

Hidden/invisible elements should still be visible in the Adalo editor. Just somehow colored or shaded to show they are invisible. More than once I’ve forgotten that I had an invisible element on a screen.

Sublists. I know you can build a list within a list, but it feels like a hack. There has to be a better way to show a list with categories and sub elements.

The ability to create a default tab bar and then simply add it to any screen. It’s cumbersome having to build a new one (or even to copy/paste) for every screen.

The ability to either copy or “save as” an existing PWA to a web app. I realize that, in most cases, the web app will not be exactly the same as the mobile app, but I think many app creators also also plan to have a website that offers similar functionality. I have a lot of older users who can use a website but who will never use my mobile app. Right now making a web app version of my mobile app is an almost start from scratch process.

None of these are complaints! Adalo is great, and I love it. Just a few frustrations.

Why would you buy a component from PRagmaflow, it’s for free. I’ll check what I can do especially that PWA is limited

Oh, my mistake! I thought Pragmaflow’s components were for sale. Apologies!

1 - A video player that supports m3u8, RTMP, etc.
2- Interactive map that allows updating the user’s location on the map. (such as Uber or Lyft).


This is a very specific request, and the amount of time that it would take doesn’t qualify it to be a public component.

For the map that might be a good one

@knight form visualdev offers a QR reader for pwa… I would say that it would need animations and transitions to reinforce the UI!