Help needed: (some) Android users active, but not logged in - iOS fine

Hi there,

Hope someone can help with this.
I have some Android users who are active on the app without being logged in. Can’t seem to find out how they come to be logged out.
This is causing loads of problems (due to ‘unconnected’ database items). Like ghosts in the machine. Very hard to reproduce (as I can’t track which user they are).
No issues at all with iOS users.

I already have set up a ‘saveguard’ for the ‘back button’ issue when logging out (see below).

Maybe I’m missing something very basic? Help would be very appreciated!

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My sign-up actions:

My login actions:

Log out flow:
Logout from ‘my profile’-screen → Logout confirmation → Empty redirect screen with ‘screen action’ to redirect to login page

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