Empty state for airtable list

Hello !

Has anybody made an empty state for a filtered airtable list? I can’t figure out what conditional rule to set on the empty state image.

The airtable table is filtered based a userId, which each user in my adalo table has set.


I think @JL_LJ might be able to help with this since he uses Airtable alot. :slight_smile:

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That would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Jane,
What are you tryin to achieve? Do you want a List with only empty images?

Hi @JL_LJ !

I’m trying to have an image/text/whatever appear whenever the filtered list of elements returned by airtable is empty :slight_smile:

I’m filtering my airtable table by userId wither filterByQuery:

  • if for userId=1, there is no list elements, I want there to be a message “sorry come back later”
  • if for userId=2, there are list elements, I don’t want there to be that message

So what I need is to figure out how to get the information that the airtable list returned is empty. If i get that information, i can set a conditional visibility criteria on the “sorry come back later” message :slight_smile:

Hi @Jane
Unfortunately the “built” External Collection with Airtable is not properly built within Adalo, you can use the formulas from Airtable using (filterbyFormula) but you cannot use the filters with Input text fields for example as it seems only native to Adalo Collections:

This would make it easy. if you use a count for Airtable, you can only count all records, and not filter by a variable as of yet (In my opinion, big gap Adalo/Airtable).

What I usually do and suggest if you are sticking to Airtable is to use Adalo Collection as a count/sum controller tables.

Basically in your case,I would use an Adalo collection to count the number of records per user (can be updated when you submit a customer action with airtable to add a record, and same if you delete).

Then you can use the Adalo Collection as a Table controller to apply the visibility conditions to the “text”.

If you want a quick and dirty solution, if the user has zero results the list will not appear at all, if user has 1 result at least, 1 result from list will appear. in this case you can just add a text with “Bring to back” and position behind where the first record of the list appears, so if there is a result, the list covers that text, if it has 0 results, than there is the text showing “No results, come back later”

(Example below, but put list covering the tex


Let me know if it all makes sense.

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