Help: Update relationship field

Hi all!

I am building an app to schedule home visits and I can’t update a relationship field.

Here is the relevant info:

-I have a table Addresses with the following fields: Street, Postcode, User and Type of Building.

-I have created a table Type of Building with 3 records (Apartment, House, Other).

-I have created the relationship an Address has one Type of Building, a Type of Building has many addresses.

-I have a screen asking for street, postcode. In this screen I create the Address record.

  • My next screen has a dropdown with the type of buildings. I have a button updating the field Type of Building in the Address record to the type selected in the dropdown. But the field is not updated.

Because of the flow of my app I really need the type of building question to come after creating the address record. Is there any way I can make this work?

Many many thanks. I am totally new to development of apps and I really appreciate your help!!


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