Help with date calculations

I’ve read previous posts on how to calculate days, but still can’t grasp it. @karimoo @theadaloguy @pford @devops @Victor maybe one of you could help

Two part question:

  1. I have a start date and end date in my Contracts collection that users will enter. I need to calculate the number of days of each Contract and trigger a series of emails based on the number of days of the contract.

  2. How to trigger the email series without any corresponding Adalo action. A Contract of 180 days or less will trigger a series of 5-10 emails. A Contract of 365 days or more will trigger a series of 20-30 emails. I think the Zap will look for a new record in Contracts collection in Adalo, and use the “Delay” function in Zapier, followed by a Sendgrid (my ESP) email, and then loop another Delay, followed by another Sendgrid email, etc until I’ve finished the email series.

I would be more than happy to pay someone to create this workflow for me in Zapier or Integromat, using dummy emails and arbitrary delays of 10 days. I can replace with my own. I just want to launch my app already! I’ve written a few experts who are all busy (this is good for Adalo, people are building!).

UPDATE: I reviewed this thread again to see if I was missing anything. Looks like I will need to export the Contract Start/End Dates to Airtable, and hook up Parabola or Integromat to sift through Airtable daily and send an email when necessary. Please DM if you can help me with this, thanks!

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