Send text message on preselected date to customer?

Hi Guys,

I have made an app that records appointments for
vehicle inspections and this works great.

But if the vehicle was inspected on say the 10th Nov 2020
and this is recorded in Adalo database, then I want to app to send a preset email message to that customer 11months in the future from the date the last inspection was done and recorded in the database

There’s an entire video on almost this exact thing:

OK I have watched this Tutorial by Sean ( ) and set up Zappier and Tested it, and it does send the default email I created in Zappier exactly as it should via my Gmail account. This is great for sending WELCOME type emails. !

BUT… I want to Manually/or Automatically (if possible? ) trigger this email to be send “not now”…but in 11 months time from the date of the Field the customer has inserted for the date of his inspection.

I am unsure how to set up the action command to do this ?

Can anyone please advise

Many Thanks

Might help ?

Hi Nigel

I added zapier delay but it wont let me set the date for more than 1Month in the future and I need 11 months from the date the customer has inserted in the form field?



Add a Google calendar event with Zapier and then trigger it on event start ?

Or API to Easycron and then trigger a Zap via a webhook.

Not quite sure how to do that Nigel ? I do have an adalo calendar that the customer selects in the form field, but when I select that form field date in zapier delay, as that date is in the always in the past, I cant get it to send the preset email that I want zapier to send Example +330 days after the date in the field

Many Thanks

The image above shows FIELD “MOT due Date” This is the date I want the the email to trigger on say 335 day in the future So if that was DEC 25th 2020 I want my email message to be sent (example) 25 Nov 2021

So instead of doing a Zapier Delay and then an email, search for Google Calendar in the Zap Apps and create a calendar entry on the date in the future. You will need to store something to help remember which user it is for.

Then create another Zap and set it to trigger on Google Calendar Event Start. Then it can send the email. The tricky bit will be searching for the details you need, although you can maybe put the on the calendar entry.

This is a bit weird I know. Maybe someone knows a better way?

Hi NigelG,

Thanks for responding, I understand what you are saying about google calendar. However, Every person who books an MOT Test can have a different date when their mot expires. So you cant preselect a calendar date! It has to be +PLUS “X” number of days from the date the old MOT ran out.

So If the MOT ran out on the 18/11/2020 then we want to send an email reminder say a Month before the 18th of Nov 2021 so we can retain the clients MOT renewal business

The email must trigger in zapier a fixed amount of days from the date he inserted as the MOT renewal date on the form The Date in the future can never be a fixed date only an elapsed number of days

The garage may do 200 MOT tests in any month, and all could have different start dates and end dates
The start date is the date on the form field in Adalo but… end date to send the email must be before the MOT expires* 1 year later in all cases.

This customer reminder email facility could be very useful in adalo/zap as lots of things last only a fixed period of time, for example: maybe a TV for sale comes with a 1 year free repair warranty ! So the vendor could email the customer and urge them to buy a second year of warranty insurance cover when 11 months have elapsed from the time they bought the TV … like that …

Many Thanks

@nexus21214 I am trying to accomplish similar in my app.

  1. Send notifications a specified amount of time after an initial date (which varies user to user), and also: 2) Send notifications on a regular basis after an initial date (for instance, every 24 hours after the initial posting).

@devops has been helpful in suggesting using mathematical calculations in Zapier versus the Zapier Delay function or in addition to Zapier Delay. See the “Add One Day” calculation performed in his workflow on below thread. You could add 330 days for 11 months.

I will create a New Collection and a New Record in this collection when the specified amount of time has passed. The New Record is what triggers the Zap. In your case, I would try to use Zapier to create a New Record in an Adalo “Upsell” collection which Creates a New Upsell Notification 11 months (330 days) after a specified date. Once you have this trigger, you can then have a 2nd Zap (or additional step in the existing Zap) which sends the email asking the user to purchase insurance.

Warning, this may not be the most efficient method of accomplishing your goal.

Ok I understand what you are saying, but how do I set the time delay for the Upsel Notification to 330 days after a specific date ? There appears to be nothing in Adao to do this Do you mean by custom coding it in some way like a coundown timer?

many Thanks

Yes, so if you send the number of day and the MOT date Zapier can calculate the date for you.

But with that number of events, I don’t think Google Calendar is the thing.

Alternative. Store the data on Airtable (or something like that) then use Parabola to pull the data every day and work out if it needs to send an email?

Hi Nigel,

I have been told by Zapier support that the maximum of time it can hold sending an email is 30 days !

There has be be a far simpler way to do this. In Gmail you can easily schedule and email to go out in a years time if you want !

It wouldn’t need to. All it would need to do would be set up either a Calendar event on that day or add something to Airtable.

Then it stops. Another process then picks up again on the date in the future.

I like this alternative. Also, duplicating Adalo data in Airtable gives independence, flexibility, redundancy, and ability perform all sorts of marketing functions when connected Parabola, Zapier, or Integromat. Now I just need to figure out how to build Airtable alongside the Adalo db. I guess that means a custom action on every single New Record in each Adalo collection.

Hi Nigel
But that would mean that the calandar event is only good for that 1 record ! I think It has to be a set number of days ahead (eg 330 days as a default ) From the date on the form date field for all records created ?

Unless a new Calendar was automatically created with each new record how could it work ?

That could possible work but it has to make the start date to count forward say 330 days before it sends the action = “send email” It cant just be 330 days in all cases as the start date will be moving forward thats why it has to be based on the MOT due date and count forward the days from that date

Yes, that was the idea. But with so many it would get really messy.

Which I why I thought using Airtable might be better. Have that as a the “queue” as it were.

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