Hi guys please i want to build rideshare app

Hi guys please i need your help i want to build rideshare app in my city to start soon if anyone can help with template i really appreciate

Hi @Khaledmahieddine

We can help you design and develop the ridesharing app as per your requirements. Kindly refer to the “Call My Taxi” app from the below link of our mobile app frontend and backend development work:

Let’s DM me here for the detailed discussion.

You show Figma. But what have you got that is built in Adalo? As myself and Victor have said, this forum is about Adalo and contributing to the community. Start by helping and answering some questions.

Hi there i ineed template project ready i appreciate

Hi @Khaledmahieddine

Let’s DM me here for further details discussion.

Is it for lift sharing? Or Uber like ride sharing?

It does not matter. The entire rideshare industry is locked up by Uber. Lyft isn’t even real player anymore. The real problem is not the building of the APP. The problem is the insurance. All, and I do mean ALL, insurance companies are now requiring 30 + million dollar bonds on top of many other things (like State and City sign offs) for creating an App based taxi service or rideshare service. Uber used lobbyist to change laws to make competition next to impossible. Good luck tho…all you can do try and see how it works out.

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