Hide features from non users

Hello. I have an app that allows you to skip creating an account to start using the app. I would like to keep some features limited to users though. What would be the proper way to have a modal pop-up requiring creating an account when someone, who hasn’t created an account, clicks on the chat tab on my navigation?

Hi @nsheetz86 ,
I use a logged-in True/False field in the Users collection, when user logs in, the state is set to TRUE, with that I use then this condition to Hide/Display fields or redirect to certain screens. You can always redirect to a popup to ask to login or any other behavior.

Hi @nsheetz86,

In addition to @JL_LJ’s advice: you can also set the conditional actions / conditional visibility for the elements, based on “Logged-in User → Email, Is not Equal to Empty”.

So, you in your case, you have a “chat” tab, which has 2 actions:

  • first one, conditional, happens when “Logged-in User → Email is not Equal to Empty” - leads to Chat tab
  • second one leads to “you need to login” modal.

NB: this works of course if you use emails for registrations :slight_smile:


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