🚀 Launched: Customize Placeholder Text for Dropdown Menus

Previously, all dropdown menu components used “Select…” as the placeholder text with no way to update it, but you can now customize this text for your app’s unique use case.

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How on Earth is this the most important thing to get done?

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Nobody said this was the most important thing. This is probably something that one of the devs fixed as they were working on something else, or they took a break from a big project to fix something small to give their brain a break. In the past you just wouldn’t have been updated about this.


IMO, any dev work beyond the “RoadMap” boggles my mind.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 10.55.15 AM

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LOL :rofl:

I appreciate any improvement we can get. And it’s cool of @jessehaywood to take the time to update on routine improvements like this. But I definitely got a kick out of this as I peruse the forum because I literally - and no joke - am waiting for the editor to unfreeze (again) after I typed in a text box too fast…

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I’ve been waiting for this little update at the drop-down for two years. well done. I don’t complain too much about updates, whatever they are :rofl:


Good man Jesse, it’s great to see improvements being made and its great you take the time to let us know about them! Keep it up!


Thanks for updating us on all these little extra features. Really gives me confidence that you’re all working hard to flesh out basic features while you’re doing your best to rebuild/strengthen foundations!

Wasn’t it always there from edit styles?


the same…

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Any new feature to Adalo is great!

+1. I don’t remember ever having an issue with changing the content of that option.

This is awesome news @jessehaywood

It was there before??? lmao

Thanks for the update. Good to have this on the top of the menu, but indeed it is not a new feature. I’m doing this for over a year now via the ‘edit styles’ menu.

If you look at the changelog it is tagged as an improvement, not a new feature. Alternatively, something like the component marketplace is tagged as new.


@jessehaywood you’re doing a great job.

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I believe that’s where the confusion was generated. This post is titled “Launched:…”, which sends the message of something new launched. And the copy of the original post also indicates that this is something new.

Maybe for instances like these, the title should start with “Improved:…”.

Food for thought.


I don’t know which os and device you are using but try Firefox developer edition on MacOS. I think is also available for windows, in case. Adalo editor has terrible performance in chrome