Hiding conditional with 3 database types

Hi there,

I have 5 kinds of clothes in my CATEGORIES collection (bags, shoes, T-shirts, jeans, jackets), which have different kinds of sizes:

  • jackets, t-shirts and jeans have sizes (s, m l, etc…)
    -shoes have sizes (39,40,41 etc…)
  • bags have no sizes

When creating the product detail page, I added two dropdown menus, one for clothing sizes, and one for shoe sizes. Using visibility conditions I can exclude one or the other menu ( hide if category is equal to shoes, hide if category is not equal to shoes). However, I would like to ensure that when the category is BAGS, neither of the two menus is visible, as there are no sizes in the bags.

Is there a way to exclude the menu if the category is i.e. bags OR shoes?

Thank you so much,


  • Create a screen that is not part of the app, meaning that no user can access it.
  • In that screen create a text field and give it a name, for example, “Category”
  • When the product detail page is visited, have an action that updates that text field with the name of the category
  • Now you can use that text field on your condition. You only show elements depending on the value of that text field

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