Product Variants / Combinations

Hi all,

I would like to add a combination of products to my database for the different options that may be available. So for example, a T-shirt may have:

  1. sizes [S, M, L]
  2. colours [red, green, blue]

That gives 9 (3x3) combinations. And I would like to add each combinations (S, red) (S, green) … to my DB
How would one approach this?

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @Joey ,

Have another collection that link both collections so that it can become combination.

So the new collection can be as following

  • name
  • relationship field to sizes
  • relationship field to colours

When creating relationship field, choose at the top.

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Hi @Joey ,
In the fashion Industry the most common is using 3 layers with 2 relationships:

Style - Which is basically your product T-Shirt. this could be A,B,C,D whatever.
Style Color - Which is how the product separation works in colors, Blue, Red
Article (EAN, SKU) - so the stock keeping unit that holds the size for each color (Blue S, Red S, Blue M, Red M) and so on.

Usually you see products like A23B8001, A23B8002, A23B8003

Where Style is the “A23” code, “B8” the color code and the “001,002,003” the sizes respectively (S,M,L)

3 collections with 2 relationships:

Style 1 to Many for Style Color (Style can have many colors, while that color can only have 1 Style)
Style Color 1 to Many for Article (Style Color can have many sizes, while a size can only have that color)

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Thank you both for your kind help!

@Yongki I tried your method but couldn’t get 9 combinations to show :frowning:

@JL_LJ , I think you might be onto something. I do have 2 more things to clarify/ask.

Style Color 1 to Many for Article (Style Color can have many sizes, while a size can only have that color)

  1. I’d like a size to have many colours too. Eg, a large shirt can come in red or blue or green - so I set up that relationship is many to many.

  2. How can I show all the combination options in a list? What filters would you apply or is it going to be 2 lists together? I couldn’t get 9 combinations to show for 3 sizes with 3 colours too.

Hi @Joey ,
But if you setup the color that can have many sizes, you will have a BLUE with S,M,L,XL and so on, then you can create a color RED and perform the same, add S,M,L,XL.

So what you want is more like just create one “RED” Option and then add all sizes there, in order to filter the products by color and not repeat many times RED in the collection correct?

I see what you mean @JL_LJ .

But from my example of 3 sizes and 3 colours, how would you display all the combination options (9 of them) in a list?

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