HIRING: An Adalo Database and maintenance whizz! (remote)

Hi guys,

I locked in a huge contract today with my app and now need to expand the offering ASAP.

I also want to ensure the database and linking etc is correct.

Does anyone know any ADALO superstars that would be interested in working remotely?

**NOTE: Admins I presume this post is ok but if not please let me know

What kind of database and links are you looking at?

Database general clean up and make sure it is setup proprerly.

I need to link my app to some other API’s such as:

  • cleaning portal open API
  • calendar for booking spaces
  • setup email push
  • link to SMS push
  • ensure the native apps are working correctly with the client web portal

Thinking of using Zapier or individual APIs?

A combination of both

Anyone is welcome to answer here, but I also encourage you to check out our vetted and verified Adalo Experts who could help with these needs.

I didn’t know this existed. Thank you

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