Conditions are not working anymore after update plan

Dear Adalo community,

I upgraded my Adalo plan but i’m having some problems with conditional actions and on some actions.

For example the following ones:

When an user open the app the homepage is a page with just some logos and then there is an automatic action set in the page that it make to redirect to another page (without conditional actions. the action is the same for everyone). Now this action doesn’t work and it remains in the same page.

There is a known bug with magic text in components, filters and conditions not copying properly.
But this wouldn’t impact an action with no conditions, as you have said.

Also… I think you cannot immediately reference the logged in user on a home screen action. The record loads after the screen actions are played. It works in 80% of devices but will fail on some androids.

Thank you, but until some days ago it worked perfectly, so I’m wondering why now not anymore

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