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Hello community! I have a newbie question. I am playing with Horizontal Card Clone. How do I link each of the image to different screen in the app? I found this but it’s set to link each image to external website via a database collection property.

I can’t seem to find how to link the images in the group to another screen within the app. Can anyone give me a pointer?

Thank you.

Create a new screen with a name like “View Before Bed Meditation” then add an action on the Before Bed Meditation list to link to the new screen you created.

Then the magic will automatically happen, you will notice that inside the link action that you created, it will send the “Current Before Bed Meditation” data to the new screen.

Then you just need to create elements with the information you want to display on the new screen and fill it with magic text for the “Current Meditation Name” “Current Meditation Photo” “Current Meditation text body” etc.

The whole idea is that the data is loaded dynamically on a single page and you just need 1 page to display different instances of a collection.

Thank you so much! This makes total sense.

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