Horrible Experience So Far

I’ve been working on a to-do list app in Adalo. I wanted to set reminders for tasks because the whole point of the app is for people who procrastinate. Found out sooner or later that it is far more complicated than I imagined. I tried using the “Scheduled Push Notifications” video that Adalo made but everything was outdated and it just wasn’t working. Then I tried looking at alternatives like Abracadalo and Adastacks which also didn’t work. To make matters worse not too long ago 7 screens got deleted randomly and I had to redo everything. I even reached out to like 5 freelancers and got no responses even though I really wanted to be able to say I developed it and didn’t pay someone else. This has been a complete nightmare. I will say I have had some people try to help but I’ve been trying to solve this for over 3 weeks and nothing has worked. I’m very dissapointed in this platform.

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