Do I keep building, or do I delete everything?

Do I keep building, or do I delete everything?

We had planned to launch six apps for our affiliates through Adalo. Currently, we cant get 1 to operate right. From failed builds using the Adalo UI on android to useful builds on IOS with failure to fetch information back to the native app resulting in a white screen. Multiple support tickets have gone unanswered, and when they do answer, they give you some. “We promise we are working on it, and it will be great” response and then no further updates.

The quickest update I have had is when I used the word shitty, yall on top of that and fired off an email immediately asking me to refrain from that kind of speech.

Yet if I hold payment for your inability to provide a fix and or solution, yall are right on top of that with emails every other hour saying, “your payment failed to update your billing info.”

It didn’t fail. I’m purposely holding payment as you have been unable to provide the services you advertise and agreed to for the last two months. The issues are strictly on the back end side of Adalo. You admit in one of the only emails you have responded to that the problems are on your backend.

So this is Very Shitty. Yes, I used it twice. So I know I will at least get an email from the moderator again.

So do we keep building our five community apps in Adalo, potentially wasting our time, effort, resources, and money?


Move everything over to buildfire, TrackVia, tiled, QuickBase, or any of the other low code builders

Will Adalo get their heads out of their butts and provide some actual communication and updates to their repair processes and eta to those repairs going live?

That’s all I want is effective communication.

Tick tock Adalo, Tick Tock

Support is their biggest issue right now. They are very much overwhelmed. Also it doesn’t help a lot of questions are from the USA and they aren’t so they take an entire day to answer one simple question as they aren’t working when the question is asked. That being said they are working and do fix MAJOR problems very fast there just isn’t a response that it has been fixed or not. Just sit back relax build your app and wait for a fix. It might help to not be rude too. Lots of people don’t like being told what to do and have lots of control if your issue is “important” to them or not!


@WadeSaxton Hi Wade, I first thought I DM you. But as you chose to post this in the community forum, I think you deserve a public answer.
It seems you know the support ticket system and maybe the Adalo Statement of Support. So if you need to escalate, please do it via the support channels.

This is a community forum where members are trying to help each other.
What do you expect from yelling at people here in an inappropriate language???

I don’t know the details of your problem - and there is no information on it in your post - but what I do know after a long time in the software industry:
This way does not solve ANY of your problems.

The way you posted here is not an effective start of communication.


I’m not yelling at anyone I’m putting it in the forum as my hope is that someone will speak up. Since you have I’m going to directly ask you.

When will the basic functions of Adalo be fixed, I.e Andriod build functions as well as the fetch functions for the native apps not pulling data back from your servers, I.e white screen.

I’m stating facts and for some reason this forum is the only way that I have received help from anyone associated with Adalo and only if I use a foul word at that. Over two months 8 emails have failed to be responded to via the support ticket system out of 10. Only two have been responded to by the support staff and each time I’m told to wait they are working on it. When I respond to those emails I hear nothing back. Please explain to me how that is effective customer service?

If I was yelling it would not be here it would be through our platforms that have millions of users on them.

I don’t think that answering emails or communicating with your customers in a timely fashion is too much to ask, am I asking for daily, no, weekly would be great.

Wouldn’t you agree ?

Frustrated yes, disappointed yes, I am.

I’m also not scared to put my information out there so anyone with Adalo can call me or email me directly.

Wade S. Saxton
CEO, Smoke & Bacon LLC

(804) 439-2502 |

Hi @WadeSaxton,

Sorry, I am only part of the community and not part of the Adalo staff.I have no insides on the development sprints.

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