Turn form inputs into text

Hi Everyone

I’m struggling to figure out how to get text that users put into a form onto a visible list. It goes into the first line, but not the rest of the list. The only training I can find is around the travel example which is a bit confusing.

For e.g. I’ve got a journal, goal setting, questionnaire and am creating a comment feed, so want them to be able to put the info in, it goes to a list and then if they want to edit, that’s possible as well.

Here’s a screenshot of the app Screen-Shot-2021-10-20-at-7-37-26-am — ImgBB

Thank you!

Hi @amic ,

If what you mean is saving input form into collection, you can choose “Create collection name”

If what you mean is updating input form from collection, you can choose “Update collection name”, but your previous screen must pass data, which is using list and put action inside list to link to other screen.

Other way of saying this is to have a list and action inside it to link to another screen so you can pass data, the link action will tell you if you pass data, then in the destination screen you can use form with the same collection and choose “Update”.

Let me know if my guess is not correct.

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