How can i create and show an average?

I already inserted a form including the name of the subject, the grade, its weight, and the total. How can I use adalo to compute an average, both arithmetic and weighted? Also, what would you suggest I use for visualization?
Thank you!

Hey! I have an idea of what you can do,

  1. Create a text label and then press the magic text icon and input “Custom Formula”

  2. Inside that, press the magic x button, and filter the subject you want →

grade → average

then repeat the 1-2 steps:

** weight → average **

then repeat the 1-2 steps but this time for the total, do:

"grade → average" + "weight → average"

Ultimately, this will result in the total and you can label them how you’d like. I’m making a social media app based on likes from different posts, so this is pretty similar in logic, considering there are different kinds of posts you can make on there (the same way you have different subjects).

If this didn’t answer your question, show me a few screenshots and I’ll try to help to the best of my knowledge!

If you go into any database section of the app that has a number field you can do an average and format it.

To format it, tap the red bubble text you see any time you enter smart data.

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