Formula Contingencies in App


I’m looking to build an app that allows you to answer questions that have numbers assigned to an answer. Once the questions are all answered, the respective numbers are averaged, and a specific grade is given.

Is there a way with the database to allow me to have a field change to a specific given item depending on a calculated average in the database (I was thinking relationships between a “Questions” database, with a relationship to a “Grades” database would work).

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Just wanting to know if this is at all possible.


I totally think you could do this. My suggestion would be a Questions collection and a Values collection. Each question would be assigned to an item in your values collection. You could then add a field to your Users collection to store the averaged grade. Adalo has a magic numbers feature that I’m pretty sure you could use to update the grade field with an average of all the Questions relative Values.

Does that sound like what you had in mind?