How can I filter content Private, Public or users group?

Hi to all.

I found a way to use different filter in the same list activating a single custom filter (composed just by “and”) divided by others using “or”.
But in this way I have to create all the combination of option filters.
Now I have a single list and a single map that can filtered by:

  • Portion of tme (time between dates)
  • Subscribed event
  • Subscribed group
  • Category and sub-category
  • Difficult category

It works fine.

Now I need a suggestion to add filters using these parameters:

  • Private event (a list of selected user like a broadcast list)
  • Public (all users can see the event)
  • Group (The event is assigned to a group and just the users in the group can see the event)

For now I divided the event i 2 category

  1. Private
  2. Public

The private option open other options:

  1. Broadcast list
  2. All friends (is like a brodcast list)
  3. Group

I made some experiment.
I can show the single option in the list.
The real problem is to show Public and private events where the user is authorizied in the same list.
Adding other parameters to the original filters, I have to write all the combination of the parameters. Maybe too much.
Maybe I have to create more lists in the same page adding theese new filters to the old adding the visual condition.

Using the resctriction in the dastabase?
Any idea?

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