How can I filter the external google sheet

Hi I have created the search option in the app , but getting confused to link with the external google sheet

How can I link text input with my google sheet and filter and show the result below

Hi @Singhtek,

You connected your Google Sheet through SheetDB? If it is check the 10th tip here : Some Tips and Tricks by this Semi Noob! 😅 Same thing but this video may help too : Filter Sheets - Type of Thrifts.mp4 - Google Drive

Let us know how you connected the sheet!

Thank you

Hi thanks for commenting but I use sheety for the api and I couldn’t find how to filter sheety api , I just want to filter category, even though they mention on their website

I tried but still it’s not filtering , can you please see it


Maybe this will help you! : Sheety Filter.mp4 - Google Drive

Maybe you could do something like this too! : Adalo filter with sheety dB.mp4 - Google Drive

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