How can I make my app engaging with nice UI?


I’m creating a taxi dispatch software that updates the result on the screen. The admin panel, on the other hand, invokes the rides scheduled, driver and cab details and passenger details which is updated with google cloud and also changes the Adalo data. The outcome of updating the Adalo record is displayed on the screen. This could take a few seconds. But is there anyway I can improve the user experience? Can I right a simple code with python?

Thank you very much!

Code in Python is simple. If you want the UI to be more Good looking and user-friendly then you must try out Django Python. Django is the framework of python mainly used for web and mobile application developement.
Python could be a widely-used, taken, object-oriented, and high-level artificial language with dynamic linguistics, used for all-purpose programming. it absolutely was created by Guido van Rossum, and 1st free on Feb twenty, 1991.

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