How can i save a MultiSelect field in a database?

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I didn’t find how to create this action via button (next)…

Hi @Rios,

For use Multiselect drop-down component you can have a many to many relationship and before you come to that screen you need to create the record and in that screen you can update it!

Check this : Multi-Select Dropdown issue (only last item selected works) - #3 by dilon_perera

This video is about using Logged in user to filter the list.

You can create a many to many relationship on the collection that you are trying to create the record with the dropdown values and then before you come to this screen you can add a Create action on that collection and then you can add the link action to go to that screen and in that screen in the multiselect drop-down component you can add the Update current record and add current value of the multiselect drop-down to the that many to many relationship property!

Thank you

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Thanks for the info, I’ll try to do it.

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