How can i tell if an item in a list is at the top?

How can i tell if an item in a list is at the top?

I have an app where i have a list of games which is a queue or wait list to play to play a game on a selected court… I also have a separate collection of courts and when a game is played a logic field is set to true on a court and then if another user that is the logged in user chooses that court it creates a game on that court but creates a logic field to be set to waitlisted and then will appear on another screen in a wait list.

The Waitlist list is based on all games and filtered on a logic field where in waitlist is true. also I am sorting on items created oldest to newest. i also add the logged in user as the initiator of the game.

When the logged in user appears at the top of the list and it is their turn and the court is available I want the user to have a button displayed when they arrive at the top of the list.

Can anyone help that has come into this requirement?

Thanks In advance

Hi @fredmitschele,

This is tricky but doable. I’ve made a short video how to achieve this in a simplified environment
Adalo Quick Hints: how to identify the 1st item in a list - YouTube

Also my other video about rankings could be useful for you:
Adalo quick help: how to display ranking position in the list (leaderboard-style) - YouTube


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