How can I update database using form, I can only see create option

I want the user of the app to be able to update the price of an item. But I can only see an option to create a new data. How do go about this?

Did you try opening the dropdown under “what do you want the form to do?”?

Yes, it is only ‘Create New bid’ that is there

Hi @Ayomide,

To see Update Bid in the drop-down you need the current bid data to be available in that screen!

From where you come to this Change Bid screen? Clicking on a item in a list that is connected to the Bids collection?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera,
do you mean this way? This is how I did it.

Hi @dilon_perera.

I have understood your question and truly I didn’t send the bid data over to that page.
But can I do it that I will send both the current art work and it bid to that page?

Thank you
I have solved it, I make the button a list and filter it to current art work bid alone, so it was forwarded along to the next page

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