Many to Many Relationship data not able to display

Is there is any way to display many-to-many relationship data in an app, Page having that current collection data, But in that particular relationship field data alone showing only count data.

No, the reason being that it wants to display multiple items. In order to display it you will need to use a list, since the user can have more then 1 job role.

I have configured Job roles in multiselect dropdown and updating into some collection with many-to-many relationship, Is there is any way to display the values of selected fields from that multiselect dropdown.

@DylanS The problem here is

Many to Many relationship data is getting stored without any issues. But we are not able to show it on screen for users.

For example - If a user has multiple Job roles - I would like to show the list of job roles associated with the user and one can click on each job role to understand further details.

Currently, we are able to retrieve only the count of job roles associated with the user, not the actual data.

@anon78309838 Any help here?

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Like I said, you have to use a list.
In the picture I see you try to enter it into a textbox. You cannot show multiple stored collection items in a textbox. If you want to show multiple items you have to get a list and then the option will be available.
Drag a list, and try to let it show roles, that will work.

You simply cannot show multiple items in a text form.

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@DylanS Thanks Dylan. It worked.

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@DylanS Thanks a lot

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@Kaigal @senthilmanikandan no problem, happy to help out!

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