How can you set entry field type to "Password" field

I have an external collection that I am using for signup. I am going to do the same for login. When I setup the form to use my signup and signin external collections the password field on the form shows the password as it is typed :slightly_frowning_face:

How can I set a form entry field to be a password field when I am not using the Adalo Users collection (saw that the password field in the Adalo Users collection has a “lock” on it…I am guessing that is what triggers the password type entry field for a signup and signin that uses the Adalo Users collection)

I am used to having a config option on a form entry field to mark the field as a password type instead of the field setting itself based on the field in the collection.

Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated!

I discovered that I can’t set an entry field to be a password field on a Form. I can build a screen with entry fields (and set one of them as a Password field) and a button for submission as separate components and then use a Custom Action from the button to submit the external api call.

Even though I can get a new user created from Adalo through my API to my backend server I then have new issues since Adalo doesn’t have the concept of a user being logged in.

Also, I can’t capture the authToken that is returned from the external signup api to then apply it to the header of subsequent external api calls.

If anyone has some insights on if Adalo wants to:
– own the user data and authorization function and is preventing that from being externalized
– or if it is something that just needs to be added to the roadmap as they continue to build out their platform capabilities

It seems like the external collection and custom action features are just one or two enhancements from making Adalo a very flexible mobile app/web app building tool.

Any insights/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

External authentication isn’t currently possible with Adalo, but we’re working on it. Hope that available in the next month or two.