Password Property Type not available for new Collections?

Hi, I’m new to Adalo, and I’m building an app where I need to create a new table with a Password field (“Collection” and “Property” in Adalo lingo)

Apparently the “Password” property type is not available in the built-in Adalo database structure, when creating new Collections.

But it is there in the built-in Users collection in the sample template app I used to create my initial app.

Umm, why??

I’m confused and surprised that this Property type is not available in a no-code builder like Adalo.

It isn’t available as it would pose issues with user privacy and security. That is why it’s allowed for the built in user collection but not any new collections.

You can get around by adding a collection code/pin/etc and use that as a password field for different collections.

You can also get away without making a collection for code/pin/etc by adding a field for password and only allowing the action to link to whatever it is unlocking if the input is equal to current user password.

Ps. You’ll need to set the input field to be password.

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