Tutorials are outdated, and complicated

Like talk one, all tutorials are old from Adalo, but my primary concern is the simple beginner tutorials and more, how people see how they can educate us newbies is by telling us what it means, but I don’t really learn it that way, and I bet you guys don’t learn it that way too! Tutorials should show a plan’s movement in my views, such as constructing something small and telling us what to do with teaching in simple activities, and even not only by watching steps and more! In my view, Adalo is much easier as an app manufacturer website, but what scares me are the unnecessary bugs such as data picker bug, toggle button bug, not sensitive website, that’s my opinion what do you guys think? Let me know!

Adding into that, if we look at the forum 80% are “help” which shows how its hard we can learn, and also a need of a nice tutorials and information for us to know.