How do I change the background colour of 'agenda' view on Calendar plug in?

Picture added where I changed the calendar background (all good), but I’m unable to change the agenda background?


In calendar setting, go to the menu “Colors” and choose “background color”.


This only changes the calendar but when you click a date and view ‘agenda’ the agenda does not change colour. in the pic above the calendar is black but the agenda is still default white :frowning: any suggestions?

You’re right, normally you have to change this background color in “Agenda view”, I’ve tried too and nothing change. Do you have the same problems than this topic : ?

Submit a ticket if you don’t find a solution :

Were you able to change the background colour in agenda view in the past? Is this a new potential bug? I have submitted a support ticket but still not reply yet. Hopefully it can be fixed! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot to answer part of your question. I don’t think the link you sent me is the same issue I’m having as mine is just about the background colour for agenda view. :slight_smile:

Yes but just try to add an other screen with a calendar for test (i’ve tried and the in the first calendar, nothing change but in the second, all changes are done, background color, etc)

I never used the calendar so I don’t know ho wi t was working in the past sorry :confused:

Sorry I didn’t see this message, do you mean that the background colour actually changed in ‘agenda’ in the second calendar you tried??

Absolutely !

Try to add a second calendar and if everything’s work in the 2nd, let the first one without any changes and visible only by you.

Maybe it can be a good trick.

Hey! So I tried this and it didn’t work but thanks for trying anyway!