How do I create a poll?

Hey there - having a seriously frustrating time trying to create a poll!

This poll would allow members of our workspace to vote on developments or proposals created by Admin and would also relate how many members had voted, with a graph showing responses. Polls would also need to have expiry dates and would need to be pushed via notifications. Old polls would need to be visible to members.

Any help super appreciated!!

Hi @danperson ,

Maybe this video can help you to start -

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Many thanks for this - very useful. I guess the only thing I need to know is, how to I make it so that only Admin can post polls for users to respond?


Admin refers to app admin? If yes, then here we are creating the polls from backend.

Not quite - userAdmin - ideally creating polls within the app itself rather than backend!

Hi @danperson ,

For that, you need to create forms and connect that forms with the collection.

  1. Create a question on the first screen via the form.
  2. On the next screen, add a new form and connect it to the options collection.
  3. This will allow you to create options for the question you added in the previous screen.

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