How do I create user editable databases?

I’m building an app that helps author’s plan their story. I want users to be able to create a “project” and be able to access and edit that information. It’s like a folder users can open to see all the notes they’ve made of their story. Right now, I have the information saving to a database, as well as the buttons going to different screens and a list showing the stories that were created in a form. But it just shows the list.

How do I create a functional list?


A solution that comes to my mind is to use a custom list and have the component in it be a text input. You can stylize that to look as though it was just text but giving the option to the user to edit anything displayed in it. You can use magic text to display the user’s “project ideas” inside the text input and then have a button that would “save changes”, essentially updating the collection with all the new values from the text input components.

This way you would also have access to filtering to let the user view different projects, if they have multiple.

Hope that helps!