How to save text field input

I am building a journaling functionality in my app.
And in an ideal universe I prefer to have one question on one screen.
I started to do it with Text Field. But I can’t find the way how to save the text that is entered there to a particular user journal. Is there any ways?

If not, is it possible to use form for it but divide it in some way for several screens? If I add one form for each screen for example, how can I match them in one database (all 10 questions for 1 journal)


Hi @e.makarevich09,

This video may help here!

When you are using several forms in your first screen form after creating you need to use the update current item in the form on other screens!

Thank you

Hi, Dilon!
Video is incredible really, i see the logic, but unfortunately I’m not able to move to the second step, creating a component for ‘First entry’. It’s not suggested in the list of magic text. Only number options are suggested, but not other ones. Have you ever faced such an issue?

Is it possible to add a video of the setup and preview?

As usual, when i was trying to do the video it worked properly :slight_smile: feel myself rather silly now)

Mostly it’s clear now) Some questions left
1)What is the difference between creator and user? Why did you create this property in the beginning?
2)Can I not to use the condition of happening sometimes and create new entry anytime, just updating it with new fields from other screens? Can’t get why this condition is important
3)Why you delete current entry anytime user goes back? Maybe I can just update the property every time user uses something new (it’ll work automatically I suppose)?

It’s the property created for identifying the user who created that entry! I had setuped this in the beginning and then I renamed User to Creator to understand this correctly. If you don’t need that you don’t need to create that property.

I have added conditions because the user can create empty records. If you don’t need that also you can remove that.

It’s because the user needs to fill the all properties. If the user fills 1 and 2 inputs and come to the 3rd screen to fill the 3rd input and of go back then only two inputs filled and other three are empty. For this you can add the delete current entry action to prevent that. After user comes to that 3rd screen and close the app and open again that record is creating. For this you could have a splash screen and a list with a countdown to delete that all records. If you don’t need this you can skip this!

You really saved me with your help! Thank you SOOOO much!

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