Making a static check list


I am in the process of making a check list where you can cross off the materials you have used during the day. The check list has already been made, but the problem is when the user has to enter in the text field how many of the things the person has used. When the user has written it in the app, and then gone back via my link back, it removes everything that was in the text field. How do I get it to save it in my text field?

I also have another problem… The whole app is about having an overview of every project you are on. So therefore the user can create several different projects. So if I have made 2 projects and written a data into one project, it is also in the other. How do I separate my projects from each other?

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Hi @Anders

To save the text input into database, use a button and add action to update the related collection.

To separate each user, create relationship to users collection and when create that collection fill the relationship field with logged in user, then when showing in the list, use filter logged in user>collection name.

Hi Yongki

It is a very good idea with the save button, but i dont know how to connect the save button to the text field. How do i do that?

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