Deleting row from database doesn't delete from API collection

When I manually delete a row from the database at it deletes fine, however it is still present in the database when I load the API into BigQuery.

Editing any information at all in doesn’t seem to update the API collection.

Wondering if this could please be fixed?

I just tested this and immediately after deleting a user from the collection, that data was not available in the get all call to the collection’s API.

Do you have an example of this for me to check?

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My apologies - was deleting from and loading different databases that contained user details. Whoops. Thanks Colin.

Wondered if you could please help explain another issue however?

We have ‘users’ and ‘shops’ collections. When creating a user, it should add a row to the shops database, however it frequently creates multiple ‘shops’ for the same user account (see phone number column in picture) with different id’s.

(I’m loading the shops collection into BigQuery instead of the users collection because of ease of joining with other tables, otherwise the solution would be to just load the users collection!)

Do you know why this is happening? Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot of how you have set this up?

I’m also sending a DELETE request via PHP to users collection. Logically the record is deleted because when I get all records via API, it only returns the one not deleted. But when I check in the database the record is still there.

So how can I actually delete the record so that it is no more present in the adalo collection either – not just logical deletion.

Hi @scientist,

Sometimes Adalo Builder caches the DB data, so after deleting it via API it is still in the builder.
Does the deleted row disappear when you reload the builder?


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Thanks for your reply. Actually, I couldn’t look into it as I started exploring other areas of Adalo.

So I’ll check this one again and update you here. Thanks again. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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You’re right. This is some kind of cache issue. After trying a couple of times, I could see the api return proper records. So I guess I’ll have to keep it mind and take care of such situations. Thanks.

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