How do I set up a unique application form?

Hi! I have a task related to the application. There are two questions. But first I’ll tell you how I built the application.

I built an application without a database. I just drew screens with up-to-date data for each product. In each product card there is an opportunity to leave a request for the selected product.

Task: when forming an application, the manager must receive an application with the client’s data and the data of the product that was in the screen from where the client left the application.

The first question is: how to configure (or integrate) the application form with Google Sheets so that there are data of the product that was on that screen + customer data? (and the client has to fill in only his data)

It’s not clear what you want to achieve.

Could you explain it with an example? Be specific about the data, processes and what you want to achieve.

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