How do you promote your apps?

Hello, no-coders!
Happy to use Adalo for building the first version of my application - brand new dating service, which is now available on iOS and Google Play.
What is next? Promotion of course!
But I found that I have little instruments to advertise the app, because tracking of each ad channel/campaign is necessary for efficient marketing - every marketing agency asks me for mobile attribution partner integration (AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, Branch etc) or ad platform SDK (Facebook ect).

Let me know, what instruments do you use for Adalo apps promotion?

P.S. We all see, how fast Adalo is developing to become an instrument not for MVP construction, but for fully functional apps building: speed improvement, in-app purchases etc. But commercial apps need tracking tools - it is vital for efficient marketing, isn’t it?


That’s a great discussion topic.

I think a first step for Adalo to help us on the promotion front is to get a full support of Firebase. Today, only Android apps are linked to a Firebase account. If Adalo adds iOS as well, we will be able to use Firebase’s other features to grow our apps. If they expand to other features of Firebase (such as Google Platform), we will then be able to take our apps to the next level. Features such as advertising, a/b testing, machine learning, in-app push, goal setting, and many more.

I also agree that it would be beneficial to provide the ability to add other SDKs. I believe this will come with time through the marketplace. Facebook SDK, Branch (for deep linking)…

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