How to promote your Adalo app? Facebook/Google/Tiktok?

Hi Guys!

I’m about to create my app on Adalo, however, I noticed that may there be no way to advertise it?

As SDK is not available which is a requirement for Facebook/Google/TikTok… how could I promote my app?

Is there any solution for this, or I shall look for another app builder?

Thank you!


For Google, you just need the app URL to promote (by the way, you’ll get the app URL once you publish your app).

Let me know if you need app installs.


I suggest building a landing page and advertising to the landing page. From there, you can have the download buttons for Apple and Google. With the landing page you will have more control over retargeting with the Facebook pixel, Google tag, etc, along with the benefits of SEO if you start content marketing. A great article I recommend for crafting a landing page is My step-by-step guide to landing pages that convert

I also recommend reading the books Building a Storybrand and Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller.

This Quora article is a little dated, but I think the principles are still in tact.


Yupp, App-installs what I’d need, and later a bit more: in-app event optimizations, etc.

Hm, in all honesty, have not tried Google ads, all I know, FB and TikTok need SDK in order to run app install campaigns

Hi there!

Thanks for the response!

That’s what I was thinking about as a workaround, however, that requires an extra step. Driving traffic directly to the store could be more beneficial + I’m not getting any install/in-app event data. I won’t be able to optimise for it either :frowning:

Isn’t there any workaround? How do others do it? That’s the only way?

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As a follow on on this topic; we had an app with the FB SDK and then we recreated it in Adalo. When we had the FB SDK installed, each new app users would cost us 80% less than today without the SDK and with a landing page.

It is hard to overstate how important this is.

Hope it happens some day :pray:

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Hey there! With over a year having passed since your post, I’m sure you’ve come a long way in your app building journey. I’d just like to jump in and say that for other newcomers looking for a way to promote their Adalo app, Athina Digital is still a great option! And although our SDK isn’t available, there are other methods you can use to get your app seen. Don’t give up on Adalo, you’ve got this! If you’re new to this forum, make sure you search for posts about similar topics for more details. Good luck with your app building pursuits! :slight_smile: