How does the number of screens affect Adalo app performance?

Hey guys I’m new to Adalo and loving it so far. As I look to the future, I’m curious how I can keep my Adalo apps from running slow/poorly. Are there things I should watch out for? Specifically, would having a ton of screens slow the app down? What about a lot of links between screens or a lot of elements per screen? Does a large database affect speed at all?


My concern too, Adalo team, your response here is so valuable.

There were some posts previously here or maybe in Slack…

  • use the refresh lists selector as little as possible
  • ensure that your images are scaled as much as possible (ie not fetching and loading a 10mb photo for a mobile screen :slight_smile: (This one might be fixed at the server level now, have not tested it). There are some posts on here about tags you can add to URL’s to set the image size.

Hopefully others with more experience chime in, but at this point to me it feels like we are hitting server issues which is what Adalo is working on currently.

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2 More Pointers from my experience

  1. Keep the number of actions on a single screen less - instead create more screens.
  2. Don’t try to create List inside a List inside a List - doesen’t work well
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There are 2 sides to this:

  1. Builder performance.

Having more screens in your app will only slow down the performance of the builder. This is usually neglible and I have created apps with 100+ screens without issues.

There are some known performance issues in the builder when creating too many, many to many relationship properties within the collections. This lag is experienced when trying to perform an update action to add or remove a relationship from one of these properties.

  1. App performance

The number of screens should not affect app performance. Number of components per screen is a hard one to determine as it can depend what information would be laying behind each component. Obvious the more dynamic data that needs to be loaded to a single screen from multiple components, the slower the apps performance will seem, as it tries to request all that information.

We are working on numerous ways for improving the performance of the app. Please read this blog article for further info on that: Scaling Up: Prioritizing Performance on Adalo. | Adalo Blog


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