How I can make a edit mode for check wrong data?

Hello, I am creating a screen to edit information from a form.

My flow is as follows.

A user fills out a form and then I direct him to a new screen where he verifies that all the data is correct.

If a piece of information is incorrect, I take it back to the form screen so that you can correct it and then you should take it back to the verification page.

The problem is that I am sending the user twice to the same screen and it seems that adalo does not allow this because once the user clicks on the button after updating their data, it does not allow me to add a link action and send the updated data.

You could create two different screens where the user verifies their data again, but if the user needs to modify their data once more, they will need to create a third screen and so on.

There is no way to do this? It is similar to the Amazon purchase process where at the end of the cart it allows you to edit your data before confirming the purchase.

Thanks :smiley:

I allow users to edit their profile, so it’s not necessarily a “verify this info” flow, but UX-wise it’s the same as they can go back and edit it, save, then review the info that’s saved on the profile page right after. Would this be useful?

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Thanks I du something similar and work

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