Confirmation Message After User Submits Form

I wanted to know if it is possible in Adalo to have a different confirmation message depending on the selections the user submitted in a form. For example, in my case if the user submits the form with certain boxes unchecked, I want to give them a screen that directs them to message that would not be seen if they were to have this box instead.

Is this something Adalo can handle?

Hi @dreamnid ,

We use another screen, which is modal, it is actually a partial screen (not full screen) that show information or buttons that the user feel it is still part of the previous screen.

As far as I know, Adalo don’t have same screen validation, so we need to call other screen.

You have the option to do action when user visit the screen, to do this, click name of the screen, find the action area.

You also have option to create switches as many as you want, which is actually an input field that can be hidden later, in old post this is called hidden input, you can manipulate with change input value, even though it is still limited, but for switches, I find them still good enough.

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Thank you @Yongki.

I have applied a Modal to a screen but am not sure how to implement that here. I am doing a COVID check and if the user does not check that they do not screen for any symptoms or have a certain temperature they should get a screen that advises them to contact the right supervisor. If they are fine the submit screen should be just a success. What would be the breakdown of this if you do not mind assisting with the technicalities!

(upload://ztJoWCueCSup1LpnB0Cl5ZZCRGF.png) .

Hi @dreamnid ,

What I would do,

Create your own form, not using built-in.

Option 1,
Make button to be conditional, visible if checkbox is true. Along with an instruction why there is no button.

Option 2,
Link to modal screen when button pressed, in modal screen tell user why they cannot submit, include cancel button in modal screen to link back.
If checkbox is checked, include OK button to really submit the information and then link to previous screen of the current screen.
In the current screen use switch to display information that user need to check the checkbox.
Update the switch when button in current screen pressed or at visited in modal screen.
Switch can be named like “checked” which can be initialized as “NO” from the previous screen through change input value,
Switch can be updated when current screen button pressed or at visited in modal screen.

Play around with this then you can apply it everywhere.

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