User email already exists error

I feel like I have created a lot of topics just this week on issues with Adalo.

I have a screen for email verification of users. Users get a code and use that to verify their email and then the button takes them to another screen based on if the code is wrong or not.

However, when I test it and try to verify the code, Adalo tells me user already exists. Which is weird because it isn’t an email that is being submitted.

In addition to that it also creates an empty record on the user database.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there @Tami

Can you show screenshots of the signup actions and screens you have set up? The more info you can provide, the easier it’ll be to provide you with a solution.

You can use Loom to record your screen for free.

Hi @Tami,

+1 to question by @Flawless. Unfortunately, it is not possible to diagnose the mistake in your setup with the information you’ve provided.

When a new user is created? How does the user get a code? How the verification screen flow is set up?
Is a user created before the code is sent (logic similar to what’s shown here Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube), or you somehow generate a code before you create a user? For the latter I don’t remember any video by anyone (might be a good idea to create one :), but the logic will be more different in this case.

So it would be great if you could provide more detailed explanation of your app setup. The only thing I can suspect now - you have an action “Create User” or “Sign-up User” somewhere, and in this action the email field seems to be empty / incorrect.


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I deleted the screen and set it up again so it works now. Perhaps you are right and there was a log in or sign up action somewhere.

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