How to manage form data across multiple pages

Hi to all,

I’m a new user.
I’m trying to create a section of my App where the user has to:
on page 1 must enter a unique code, then press “next”.
on page 2 must select a city from a list menu, then press “next”.
on page 3 must indicate a date and time for the appointment with a consultant, then press “confirm”.

Upon pressing the confirm button, and only at this point, the App system must:
change the status of the unique code in the database from “available” to “burned”, insert the appointment in the appointments table, correlating it to the user’s ID.

In short words, I need to understand how Adalo is used to pass from the data of a form through various pages in sequence (if it can be done), and then to update the data in a table, based on the contents of the forms.

Thanks to all can help me :slight_smile:

Make sure that you Link the button to the next page.

When you click on the page name on the editor, you should see the Linked Data.

Make a Data Collection with all the parameters that you needed:

You want your button to do a certain action, update user details, create new order etc.
With the Magic Text, you can link your input field for your function need.

Hi, thanks for the help!

I’m starting to understand something more :slight_smile:

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