How "loop" through a form X number of times based on user input

Hey There - I am trying to use selections from the page below to determine how many times to fill out a certain kind of form…has anyone done something like this?

It feels like I should be “looping” through until I hit the desired number of events, but I haven’t figured out how to pull this off yet.

For reference, I have 4 kinds of outreach and a user specifies how many events of each outreach type they want (e.g. 3 outreach, 4 follow up, 2 customer care) when creating a “weekly plan”. The days they want to do outreach will change based on their schedule that week as well so I’m wanting days to be dynamic as well.

a typical form looks like this…

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Hi @MisterPass,

May I ask you to elaborate - what is the business process here?

BR, Victor

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