Users hitting form submit button twice and generating as many entries!

Hi there, I get my users to fill in forms. The submit button of the form also links to a new screen. However because it takes some time to go the next screen (processing of new entries?), users will hit the submit button twice or more. This generates as many entries for the form. Which is a problem.
How do I resolve this please?

You can create a conditional action on the submit button that checks to see if a record already exists with an exact match of the contents of the one already submitted. That way, only the first one will go through and no duplicates.

Hi @Colin, thanks for that. I did that (see print screen), still I have been very surprised to see the conditional rule was not taken into account! I tested this myself and could generate 4 entries despite the conditional rule normally preventing it. I take this comes from the performance issues others have mentioned.

Yes, this is not the best solution by all means but a temporary fix while a more permanent fix is implemented later.

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