How manage visibility or page link conditions, with external data in array with Xano?

I am using Adalo connected with an external database with Xano. I have integrated my different collections in Get and also integrated variable updates depending on what the user is doing in the App.
The users are always connected to the App (using the APi signup or login of Xano)
I have a problem to use the variables allowing to make conditions of visibility or link towards the pages. Indeed, in my example, I want to direct the user to the pages depending on whether he has already answered a question or not.

Each time a user answers a question, their answer is updated and I also have an array field in my Question table which records all the users who have already answered the question.
I can’t access with each data which is in Array in the visibility or page link conditions. This acces is only for number (or text). What I a have to do to built a condition : If the USER_ID is in the Question Table, field array [USERS_ID] ?

Also, when I have only the user ID and Auth token in the data accessible on a logged in user. Is it possible to have all the data of the collection in access?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Did you ever come right with this? I have components that I want to conditionally display based on data in an external collection (Airtable), but it seems like it doesn’t work the same as data in the native Adalo database.