How many apps can I deployed in App Store and Play Store

Hi, I’m new here in Adalo, my project will required me to create at least 50 - 100 apps, and I was wondering if someone knows how many apps can I deployed in App Store with a developer account (not a business account) and to Play Store.

I’m a freelancer, and the project is to work with other independent professional (most likely personal trainers), that’s why they will like to have their own app as they might have their own brand.

Perhaps this is not the right place, however, I was not able to find a reliable source of information related to this topic on Apple Developer Forums or other forums, so my hope is that someone here has come across the same issue.

I believe it is just $99 a year for an individual developers account with Apple and you are able to post as many apps within that account as you want. I could be mistaken, but their documentation doesn’t make it seem like it’s $99 per app. I’m not sure on Play Store. Here is what is included in the Apple program: What’s Included - Apple Developer Program

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@IsaacRivera you are not limited by apple or google. As @jessehaywood has mentioned Google is Free and Apple is 99$.

If you are meaning what I think you are (How many Adalo Apps can you publish with the Normal Plan Vs Business Plan) This is driven by your storage allowance by Adalo which is 5gb on Pro and 20GB on Business which is A LOT OF RECORDS! If you use External storage for videos/images such as AWS / Airtable) SO in short, Adalo do not Limit how many apps you can publish nor do apple or google. If you go over the 5gb or 20gb storage, its 10$ per 1GB you need extra.


You will need to be careful though as Apple are much more strict and don’t just accept any app, they also have very strict guidelines which you probably know, for example, you can no longer submit “Dating Apps” unless its classified as unique, which you can always work around.

Final note, if you are publising to the Apple Appstore for a client, apple prefers it to be listed under your clients Apple account, as I recently got a few fails because of this. I got around it by saying I work for the given companies as an IT consultant. Good luck and Enjoy Adalo!